Tips for Corporate Gift Buying

Tips for Corporate Gift Buying Buying the perfect corporate gift for your clients can seem easy at first blush thanks to the large selection of gift ideas and plethora of choices. However, before setting out to find the perfect corporate gift, let's go over some of the facts.

According to OPEN from American Express Semi-Annual Small Business Monitor, the top corporate gifts are as follows:

 Calendars and Cards (49%)

 Gift certificates stores and eateries (26%)

 Company branded items (23%)

 Fruit/food basket (18%)

 Charity donation (18%)

 Flowers/plants and wine/liquor (tied at 10%)

Those all seem nice, right? Now think about every single time you've gotten one of these gifts. While it was a wonderful gesture and likely did the trick, there are always ways to improve and stand out from competition. Also, consider the following things when choosing your corporate gifts.


1. Check the Company Policy Many businesses and government offices will have a gift policy limiting the dollar value of a gift or prohibiting them outright. Be sure to check with your clients as applicable to determine the limitations of gift giving. You'd hate to have them return the item.


2. What Clients Want Knowing what to buy can be a monstrous obstacle of business gift buying. As you may not know your clients on a personal level in most cases. Luckily, Executive Leather, offer a variety of different leather bound items from wallets, to business card holders and leather covered pens that are nearly always appropriate and useful gifts that you can have laser engraved with a logo. For high value clients, Executive Leather also has outstanding quality items like compendiums and document cases, leather briefcases, leather laptop and travel bags. While your best option would be to call and ask them what they like or need, a laser engraved, personalized, exquisite leather item is almost universally appreciated.


3. Know the Cultural Differences When going international, each country could have vastly different rules for corporate gift buying. For instance, in China, gifts must not be wrapped in white because white symbolizes death. That is not a good look to associate with your company.


4. Quality, Quality, Quality The business gift you send reflects on your company. Lower quality items are always a bad idea, even for large groups at conferences and events you put on. Consider pre ordering in bulk to lower costs and keep a ready supply of the good stuff.


5. Handwritten Cards Send the Right Message Basic cards come from a basic business. Create a lasting impression by adding a handwritten note where applicable. However, even a large group could benefit from the kind of gift that feels more tailored to them as people rather than a one size fits all approach.


6. Deliver Personally If your business gift list isn't too large, personally deliver your gifts. A gift accompanied by a handshake will always do more to keep you on the mind of your clients. Corporate gift giving is a golden opportunity to better connect with clients, strengthen business ties, and share your holiday cheer. Leather is perfect for corporate gifts thanks to adding a quality and unique item with high class feel and unique presentation. Keep things professional, but also marketing friendly by getting your company logo engraved on the item at Executive Leather

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