Leather Travel Bags

Mar 02, 2017
Leather Travel Bags

Simply put, buying a leather travel bag is by far one of the smartest closet investments. Regardless of if you travel often or simply appreciate the high class stylishness leather bags can project, it always offers a much more impressive look and feel than anything made of canvas, nylon or other less quality materials.

While faux leather is always a less costly option, only a genuine leather bag will last thanks to its thicker and heavier material. Well-built leather travel bags that are properly constructed and well taken care of can truly last a lifetime

What to Look For In a Leather Travel Bag

When you are looking for durable leather luggage for carrying a lot of stuff, check for heavy zippers. Make sure the straps and handles are double stitched and or possibly have rivets in them for added strength.
In addition, any seams must be reinforced with extra material; this is of particular importance on the bottom of the bag where abrasion damage will occur as you're constantly moving the bag around.

Also, consider a wheeled leather travel bag option. While more expensive than a simple carry bag, wheels will offer a much easier time transporting everything. When you're rushing for a flight, wheels can make all the difference between flying that day and being forced to get a hotel for the night.

Top types of leather travel bag

1. Full-grain:
The 'truest' form of leather, full grain products keep the original texture and markings of the hide. This is because it is not altered beyond hair removal. Thanks to this minimal treatment, full grain leather items do well against wear from frequent use.
2. Top grain leather:
Less expensive than full grain, Top grain is sanded down and coated on the surface, giving the texture an almost plastic feel. It feels smooth on one side and fuzzy on the other. Still a great choice for a leather travel bag.
3. Suede:
Also known as calfskin; it has been buffed and napped to create a fuzzy finish. It feels good and looks good, and there are many calfskin options available at Executive Leather.

Leather Travel Bag Choices

A proper leather travel bag is all about comfort and style. While a utility item, there's something special about the feel of using a leather bag that extends beyond simply how much it can carry. Your choice in bags can say a lot about you and your needs.

Satchels are easy to carry, but travel leather duffle bags can hold many more of your belongings. Meanwhile wheeled bags, are often the biggest of the bunch and not typically seen outside of areas of travel due to being smaller options being better choices for regular day to day activity.

Whatever travel bag you decide to go for, keep in mind that most airlines only allow for a max of 21 inches for any carry-on luggage. For a busy traveler, the right sized bag can completely change the nature of traveling. Simply not needing to check a bag can save you all manner of time and headache.

On Executive Leather, we have a variety of travel bags of different leather materials, sizes and types. Whatever bag you choose, we also offer laser engraving to personalize your leather travel bag for yourself or as a gift. Look good while getting around in style with your own leather travel bag today.

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